Crystal Meaning

This post is a list of crystals and their meaning. I am just giving the basics here. If you would like to dive deeper, there are a list of books in my Instagram Stories. Crystals have more than one use, especially when you mix and match them. 

We can start off with the Most Common Chakra Crystals:

Crown- Spirituality and divine Knowledge- Amethyst- Awakening Spirituality

Third Eye- Intuition and wisdom- Lapiz Lazuli- Intuition

Throat- Communication and Self Expression- Aqua Marine- Truth Illumination

Heart- Love and Compassion- Rose Quartz- Tenderness

Solar Plexus- Empowerment and self-respect- Citrine- Energizing

Sacral- Pleasure and Creativity- Tiger's Eye- Passion

Root- Foundation- Red Jasper- Vitality


Crystals I currently have and their basic meaning:

Amethyst- Peace, Spirituality, and Purifying

Angelite- Improve Spirituality, Forgiveness, Positivity

AquaMarine- Courage,Calm, Fluidity

Auralite 23- Focus, Confidence, Clarity 

Azurite- Understanding, Clearing, Higher Consciousness

Black Onyx- Stability, Strength, Productivity

Black Tourmaline- Protection, Grounding, Purification

Blood Stone- Purification, Protection, Courage

Blue Calcite- Intuition, Calming, Communication

Blue Fluorite-  Focus, Tranquility, Clarity

Blue Tiger’s Eye-  Calming, Balance

Caribbean Calcite-  Emotional Understanding, Transformations, Spiritual Awakening

Carnelian- Creativity, Courage, Confidence

Celestite- Spirituality, Intuition, Calm

Citrine- Abundance, Invigoration, Prosperity

Clear Quartz- Clarity, Purification, Restoration

Fire Quartz- Grounding, Balance, Focus

Flower Agate- Spontaneity, Comfort, Manifestations

Garden Quartz- Energy, Intention, Balance

Garnet- Protection, Wealth, Ambition

Green Aventurine- Opportunity, Comfort, Abundance

Green Flourite- Encouragement, Harmony, Purifying

Green Jasper- Growth, New Beginning, Health

Hematite- Grounding, Centering, Stabilizing

Herkimer- Openness, Amplification, Attuning

Howlite- Calm, Self Awareness,  Openness

Jade- Health, Prosperity, Harmony

Kunzite- Protection, Communication, Heal

Labradorite- Intuition ,Creativity, Awakening

Lapiz Lazuli- Truth, Confidence, Contentment

Lepidolite- Release, Reorganize, Healing

Malachite- Love, Harmony, Transformation

Mangano Calcite- Self-Love, Compassion, Feminine Energy

Mookaite Jasper- Flexibility, Vitality, Protection

Moon Stones- Visionary, Accepting, Nurturing

Moss Agate- Creativity, Abundance, New Beginnings

Obsidian- Clarity, Protection, Self-Control

Orange Calcite- Creativity, Energy, Balance

Phoenix- Compassion, Courage, Confidence

Pineapple Quartz- Balance, Healing, Romance

Pink Amethyst- Healing, Understanding, Trust

Pink Tourmaline- Loving, Soothing, Feminine Energy

Plum Tourmaline- Purification, Inspiration, Confidence

Prehnite- Confidence, Calm, Realization

Pyrite- Masculine Energy, Empowerment, Protection

Red Jasper- Passion, Insite, Stimulation

Rhodonite- Forgiveness, Compassion, Acceptance

Rose Quartz- Love, Peace, Acceptance

Ruby Zoisite- Happiness, Abundance, Appreciation

Selenite- Cleansing, Alignment, Clarity

Smokey Quartz- Anchoring, Pragmatism, Positivity

Sodalite- Perception, Purifying, Awakening

Spirit Quartz- Harmony, Spirituality, Patience

Tiger’s Eye- Protection, Prosperity, Balance

Turquoise- Communication, Release, Healing

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